Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tall Timber Fishing Trip 2.0

This weekend Eva and I took a short trip up to Tall Timber Ranch to do a little fishing and have some quality time.

Getting ready to go...
success right off the bat...kind of.

Eva reeled this guy in.
 Hanging out in the camper.
 Close encounters with wildlife.
 Eva caught this huge fish all by her self. I was so proud.

 I caught this guy on the Saturday morning.
Overall we had a great time. Eva hurt her ankle on the first night and was kind of hobbled the rest of the trip so it could have been a little better, but the goal of quality time with her was met, so mission accomplished.
P.S. Eva's response to a "Would you rather" of having to eat hot sauce once a month or have an arm chopped off was pretty hilarious.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Koa camping in Astoria.

 Earlier today we got back from a trip down to the Astoria KOA. Scott called me last week and said they had his in-laws cancel on the last minute, so there was a spot for our camper if we wanted to go, and since I had already been thinking about adding another trip this summer, I decided it was a great opportunity.
Loaded up for the trip down.

 Eva found a chess set in the camper and they also had some big outdoor sets at the KOA so we played a few games.

 We made s'mores on all but one night.

 Hanging out in the hammock with Eva
 Throwing the ball at Cannon beach with Tormo was one of my favorite activities.
 Eva having fun playing in the sand.
 More of Tormo at the beach...

 Hanging out with the crew at the dog park.
My new low calorie invention. Mac 'n cheese chili dogs.

It was  pretty great trip. I wish I would have taken more pictures of stuff like playing mini golf, doing tie die and the kids jumping on the air pillow but all in all it was a fun trip. (Minus an accident involving Tormo's leash and V's hand.)

Here's some other random pictures from the last few months since the previous post...

 Taking V out to Red Robin for her birthday.
 Going to Laser Tag on the 4th.
 Working on the fence on the 4th...

 I've recently been doing playing a bit of golf. Eva likes to tag along sometimes.
 Took the family and Kalynator to a Rainers game courtesy of the Boeing Company.
 Play date at the house.
 And more pictures from the golf course with Eva.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Summer is here...

After a long and unusually wet winter and spring summer finally feels like it about to begin. I got the GL1100 back on the road after replacing the clutch cable and changing the oil (again... after I used the wrong oil during the winter). Eva, Penny and I have been taking evening rides around the neighborhood looking for rabbits. So far the record is 12!. Not quite the way I like to hunt rabbits, but It'll have to do. 

 Last week we played Yahtzee and Penny destroyed us. She got a Yahtzee on her first two turns and another one later in the game. Eva made the certificates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
 A few weeks ago Virginia traveled down to Caracas, Venezuela to visit her sick sister and see some family. It was a very worrisome trip considering....
But.. she made it back home safely!

 Tormo continues to be an awesome pet. He doesn't like the shower very much, but he goes in there when we tell him to.
 I've been branching out with my Annova sous vide cooker a little. I made some very good tri tip roast with it.
 I finally got my Remington HOA golf card for Druids Glen golf course. I've already been once with Scott and it was awesome!
 A little DFT picture from when V was in Venezuela.
 Settlers with The Judith.
 Eva and Penny after their school play "Swamped" Eva did a great job with her speaking part. "In this busy world where work never ends, it's good pause and take time with friends."
 She was a dragon fly, and Penny was a frog.
 Hanging out with the Kalynator.
 Also, Pops retired. He's been working harder than ever though on the yard. Here he is talking about his attempted mouse genocide with Eva.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 so far...

The first few months of 2017 have been a blur...

Tormo (The Beast) continues to grow and is much bigger than I thought he would be, but he is a great dog and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. 
Penny and Eva (aka Super E) have been growing too, and continue to be great sisters to each other.
This is the reaction you get when you inform them that they get to go to Grandma's house and play Splendor.
These might be among my favorite pictures ever. We got ready for church on Easter morning a little early and decided to take some pictures. The outtakes above were even better than the one good one we ended up getting.

We also went to the Great Wolf Lodge (courtesy of The Judith) and has an awesome time. The pictures above and below are the reaction of Eva after realizing that the slides were not scary, but indeed fun like we had been trying to convince her of for two days.

V and I escaped down to Portland for a Jazz vs Blazer game. We stayed right next to the arena and had a great little over night trip.

Shelia and Tormo....
Penny eating a "sconught" I made while making some Utah Scones aka fry bread during General Conference weekend.
Ken, Ben, Scott and I also took a trip down to Portland to watch a Blazer game. We had a really good time and only made a few crude jokes during our "guy time".

This is what Eva looks like wearing my warm up pants like a jump suit.

Playing with the slow-motion feature on my phone....