Sunday, July 01, 2018

Summer Quarterly Post...

Quick post to highlight the last few months starting with most recent.

We got a new roof! A friend of a friend of Ben referred us to a guy (Dave Suroweic) and he gave a good deal on doing our roof. Less than 17K and he let me buy about 8K on my credit card for the miles! Considering all my neighbors spent 25-26K I was pretty happy with our choice. 

 Last week we decided to take a family bike ride around Lake Morton. We got about half way and the girls both had meltdowns. So I rode over to my brother's house and borrowed his truck and as you can see they were much happier to ride in the bed.
 Old roof being torn off....
 Penny and Eva meeting a huge St. Bernard over at The Judith's house.
 Check out this old picture. What really blew my mind was finding out that the 2nd person from the left was not my brother (who it looks exactly like!) but my MOM!! The Judith!!!
 Penny learned how to ride a bike! This was pretty exciting and we've been doing ride just about every day.
 We painted an accent wall in Penny's room!
 And Eva's too.
 We picked up this dresser at the Winterwood garage sale. We got it for $30 buck and it's in great condition. we also got the giant dog.. for $2, which might have been a mistake because it's too big!
 S'more season has begun!

 Eva and Penny are still getting along pretty well. As you can see...
 Penny had her end of the year musical for 2nd grade. She was a chick and did a great job singing and even had a few lines.
 Here's a few pictures from our trip up to Whistler.
 Eva got a little Eagle puppet named Sky
 We took a really cool tour of the Lil' Wat and Squamish museum and even made some cedar bark bracelets at the end.

 My dad and I took did a hike to some water falls.
 Most of the trip however was spent at hotel pools.

 I've been on a Burger King kick since they've been running the two for $6 deal. I love whoppers!
oh.. and here's some pictures of my Element... It's been running great and I even got the bluetooth stereo installed.


Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring time!

A brief history of the last few moths...
Abuela Romero visited us. She was here for almost a month. It wasn't too bad! V took her to do a lot of tourist things and places to eat, so I think she had a good time.
I ended up buying that bunny head. I figured I could were it at Halloween too.
We took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island while Abuela was here.

Tormo continues to be a great dog.
 Penny found a little impromptu costume at the dollar store the other day.
 I also helped Ben replace his timing belt and water pump on his Honda Odyssey a few weeks ago. The job went smoothly except for the pulley bolt pictured below. That thing was VERY difficult to get off. We ended up having to get a guy with a 3/4 inch impact wrench and a better compressor with a 1/2 inch hose to come get it off for us.
 Finally, and I don't really have good pictures for it yet, I bought a 2003 Honda Element.  I had been driving The Judith's old S40 for a while and it was just very uncomfortable. The seat was too low and the interior was cramped. So I saw this Element on Craigslist and decided to go look at it. The guy was asking $3.5K, but I took it on a test drive and it has some issues. Mainly it was bucking when I tried to accelerate. I googled it and it seemed like it was a V-Tec oil pressure switch which wouldn't be too hard to replace so I made the guy an offer on it for $2.3K and he said yes instantly with a big smile on his face, so I laughed and said "I mean $2K" and he said "I'll do that too!" Then I got him to give me $100 back when he showed me that the key to the driver door doesn't work. So I only paid $1900. But, it does have 211K miles on it. Since then I've put probably close to $700 back into it. I've done....
Key-less entry from the junk yard $5
remote for key-less entry $27
interior passenger door panel from junk yard $50
new driver seat from junk yard $50
knock sensor (I don't know if this fix, fixed the issue though) $12
windshield washer fluid pump $12
V-tec oil pressure switch assembly $55
front and rear sway bar bushings $18
cabin air filter $12
wiper blades $17
stabilizer bar links $22
air filter $9
front and rear struts (not sure if I really needed to do them..) $315 minus a $100 rebate so... $215
shipping $55
new antenna and various parts from junk yard $2
new instrument cluster lights $35
So actually... more like $600.... but I am also going to put a bluetooth stereo in it. :)
The main thing is that I have a higher seat, and a more utilitarian vehicle. I couldn't really load Tormo and the girls up in the S40. Below is a before and after of the headlight restoration I did.

 KTP on Easter

Just a random picture that I think really captures Tormo's personality. 

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Trip to Portland with E

This last weekend E and I took a trip down to Portland to watch the Blazers vs the Wolves.
I took her out of school early on Thursday and we started our drive..

But made a stop in Auburn to get some Mickey D's and Teriyaki2U.  (You can also see that I've been loving my new phone Google Pixel XL 2 with it's awesome "Portrait" mode.
The drive down was pretty uneventful, but on the long side so E was happy when we got to the hotel.
I was sleepy when we got in so E watched cartoons and I took a nap. After that, we walked the few short blocks over to the game.
Mistakenly I thought we would have a good time arriving early watching shoot around, exploring the stadium and getting some food, however E was bored out of her mind. Thankfully she was still a good sport taking pictures.
Once the game started she started to enjoy things a lot more. (Also buying a giant $9.00 cup of root beer helped).

On the way out of the game we stopped to take a picture in front of the flame at the Moda Center and I ended up with possibly my favorite picture I've ever taken of E.
We grabbed Mickey D's again after the game (everything else was closed) and headed back to the hotel and called it a night.
The next morning we enjoyed a continental breakfast, then headed over to Powell's City of Books
 E in her element.
 The books she picked out with a generous subsidy provided by The Judith.
 After the book store we headed home.
As the finale of the trip we made it onto my favorite TV show! Check it out starting at the 22:35 mark.
On a little side note I took E to Walmart last night and we found some fun heads to try on.
and you really need your volume up for this one...


Sunday, February 11, 2018


The last couple weekend have been busy.

 Yesterday we had a basketball game and went out to teriyaki after.
 We also caught the mouse that has been in our kitchen for the last few days. Unfortunately our rolling log trap didn't catch it, but the snap trap did.
 Here's Penny dressed up for "grown up" day.