Sunday, February 11, 2018

The last couple weekend have been busy.

 Yesterday we had a basketball game and went out to teriyaki after.
 We also caught the mouse that has been in our kitchen for the last few days. Unfortunately our rolling log trap didn't catch it, but the snap trap did.
 Here's Penny dressed up for "grown up" day.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

My blog is not dead!
I might actually try to start updating on a more than quarterly basis, but we'll see. I've probably got to make an effort take more pictures as well, since this has become pretty much a picture and caption journal. 
Yesterday I spent a few hours putting in a new center garage door. It didn't go as well as I hoped. I think I need a professional to come and fix it so it operates more smoothly. 

Above is a self portrait Penny did of herself at church today. I think it captures her well.
Below is Penny and I waiting at Seattle Children's for her yearly NF1 MRI, it take up half a day to get the MRI and then wait for the results and have a consultation, but as long as things keep going well I am happy to spend that time. 
and Tormo....
Here is Penny all dolled up for picture day at Grass Lake. So cute!
Tormo again.... wearing a CTR crown the girls made at church.
More bread I made, this time I used a no knead recipe, it wasn't the best I've ever made, but it was OK.
Here are two of my eight little Jaguars. I am coaching a 1st and 2nd grade basketball team. None of the girls have any previous experience, but that's what has made it so fun. The team rules are:
1: Have fun
2: Be respectful
3: Be a good teammate.
The girls on the team are Penny, Eva, Lilly, Cassidy, Skyler, Porter, Mia and Maya. It's been mostly fun with only a few tears after getting hit in the face with the ball. I'm sure I have more pictures of all the girls on a later post.
I guess I forgot to do the Christmas post...
Here is Penny with Judy and Hops. Penny pretty much only asked for Beanie Boo's. I think I am going to look back on these simple Christmas' with fondness in a few years.

Here is a The Judith herself with a large yard inflatable. This is actually a funny story. V came home from a post Christmas sale at Big Lots last year with a whole bunch of decorations she got on sale for like 80% off. One of the items she brought was an 8' inflatable snowman. I told her "We are not setting that up in our yard. Those things are so ghetto trash." she argued with me for a bit, but one day we were with my The Judith and I brought up the yard inflatable and The Judith went OFF about how terrible they were, with an incredible passion. So as the Christmas season approached we had a few laughs about how much The Judith hated yard inflatables and then a few days before Christmas I had a genius idea. Setup the yard inflatable at The Judith's house! LOL! So on Christmas Eve as we were finishing up our family time, I sent Steve on a secret mission to set it up at The Judith's. After they left, we got in our car and secretly followed them home. It was so funny to see the big ugly snowman right in front of The Judith's house.
Here is one of my favorite presents from this last year. An Ugly Christmas Sweater!
For our twelfth anniversary I took V to see the Seattle Symphony do "The Messiah" It was pretty good.
and of course we had sushi at Miabi before the show.
The guys trip down to Portland this year was great. We invited a new friend Jaaron with us and even stayed at his in-laws down in southern Wa.
Eating pizza at Apiza Scholl's before the game with the crew.
Here is my awesome Christmas decoration of the ledge above our front door.
We went to the Maple Valley stake Cresh to see live music and hundreds of Nativity sets. Also my two little angels dressed up.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fall Fly By...

 To be very cliche, Fall has flown by. Eva and Penny had birthdays. Halloween was great fun and Thanksgiving was awesome.
 Tormo's face pretty much sums up my feeling after this long Thanksgiving weekend. 
 Last night Penny and I continued our new Christmas tradition of making a Christmas pictures and framing them. 
 Tormo continues to be a good beast.
 But these beasts are by far my favorite. 
 We went Black Friday shopping and Penny found the Husky hat thing, and Eva already had the fox one.
 As I was cleaning out the garage I found this picture from probably 2002 when Katrina, Christopher and Caleb we so small. Now two of them are on their missions!
 On Thanksgiving day we went to the matinee of "Coco" and it was excellent... although my allergies were acting up. ;)

 This has been my new favorite pizza. The BBQ Chicken pizza with smoked Gouda cheese and fresh cilantro sprinkled on afterwards. I got the idea watching "The Pizza Show" on youtube. They visited the guys who started California Pizza Kitchen and showed how they made this their signature.
 Penny got Baptized. It was an awesome experience and I am so proud of her. She was so excited to do it and is so enthusiastic about the gospel.
 Kalynator also got baptized the same day, and then we made a ton of pizza's over at Ben's house for friends and family.
 Eva and Penny all ready to go.
 Here's Penny on her birthday. We went shopping and picked her up this big plushy pillow. Her name is Kelly. 
 I took these on the way into church one day. The Kentwood building has great trees with fall colors in the fall.

 Eva got hamster! It's name is Cosmo and he's a pretty good little guy. He's gotten away a few times, but we've managed to find him every time.
 Here he is on the way home from the pet store.
I finally put up a pull up bar in my garage. I got some 1" pipe from Home Depot and some floor flanges and screwed it into some of the rafters.
This is our Bishop (Porter's) little boy. I took this at the park on a random night were we saw them there and played a little baseball. 

Anyway, life is great and things are going well. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The last of summer 2017

 Here's a few things that have been going on over the past few months..

 We got a new kitchen faucet. Not really that exciting, but it's been a nice upgrade to the one we've had since we moved in. I got a good deal on it on Amazon and surprisingly it's not a piece of junk.
I cooked my first sous vide brisket. It turned out pretty well. It was slightly more done than I think I will make it in the future, but for my first try it wasn't too bad. 

I had it in the sous vide for about 40 hours...
 Then I smoked it on the grill for about 3 hours. 

Random pictures of the kids from the last few weeks.

 Right before school started for the kids, we went to the Great Wolf Lodge for a night and two days. 

The kids even got to do the Magi Quest courtesy of a bribe from Aunt KT for riding the Howling Tornado. 
Finally, we had our annual trip to Kalaloch.